Outrigger Parts

PipeWelders maintains an inventory of replacement outrigger parts for riggers built within the past 15 years.  Below are drawings for the 28’, 32’, 38’ and 42’ standard outriggers along with the 44', 47' and 50' Super Lightweight outriggers.  The serial number of your outriggers is either stamped into the metal at the base of the pole or a label affixed to the pole near the base.  This serial number is key and will help to identify your rigger when contacting the PipeWelders parts department.  Also are drawings for the Hydraulic Cylinders if you have Hydro-Riggers.  However it is typically easier to ship hydraulic cylinders back to us for repair.

28 Single Outrigger Assembly
32 Double Outrigger Assembly
38 Triple Outrigger Assembly
42 Triple Outrigger Assembly
Lay-Out Folding Arm Assembly
Lock-In Arm Assembly
Telescoping Arm Assembly
Roller Guide Assembly
Approved Hydraulic Oils
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44' Super Lightweight
47' Super Lightweight
50' Super Lightweight
Solid Back Bars
Manual Auto Lock
48" Hydraulic Cylinder
60" Hydraulic Cylinder
72" Hydraulic Cylinder
84" Hydraulic Cylinder
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