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Tournament Style Outriggers

PipeWelders Marine has been producing a complete line of tournament style outriggers for over 45 years ranging in size from 28’ single spreader to our 50’ four spreader Super Rigger®.  PipeWelders was the first to introduce the hydraulic assisted outrigger known as the “Hydro-Rigger™”.   The Hydro-Rigger is the ultimate system when matched up with our Super Riggers®, and provides an effortless fishing experience.  The available sizes are:  28’ single spreader, 32’ double spreader, 38’ triple spreader, 42’ triple spreader Super Rigger®, 44’ four spreader Super Rigger®, 47’ four spreader Super Rigger®, and 50’ four spreader Super Rigger®.  Custom sizes are available upon request.  We also manufacture Carbon Fiber Outriggers for weight reduction without compromising strength. 

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